Plastic Roller Bearings
Plastic Roller Bearings run more quietly than metal rollers, absorb vibration and shock, do not wear out the rail or track, and have low rolling resistance. They feature high load-bearing capacity and are suitable for a variety of applications requiring extended roller life.
Precision bearing fit is maintained even under extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -40°F to +140°F. This stability translates into longer roller life in many tough applications.
the roller can sustain high static loads over prolonged periods of time without developing a permanent flat spot. The forces needed to initiate and maintain the rolling movement are calculated, as are the maximum load and time, to prevent permanent flat spot development.
For high-speed, reciprocating movement applications such as:
Polyurethane Pulley
Counting Machine Pulley
Transmission Pulley
Guide Roller
Door Roller
Drawer Pulley...
Plastic Roller Bearings