The selection principle of non-standard bearing grease

Source:shengfe Date:2018-07-28 00:27

The selection principle of non-standard bearing grease
When choosing grease, it is mainly based on the working environment, working temperature and load condition of the bearing.
Nonstandard bearing grease
1. working environment
It mainly refers to the lowest and maximum temperature of working environment, air humidity, whether it contains corrosive gas or excessive dust. For example, when used outside the cold area, lithium based low-temperature grease should be used; in larger humidity and more moisture.
Calcium based grease should be chosen. In dry and less moisture conditions, sodium soluble grease that is easy to dissolve in water is suitable for use.
2. working temperature
One is the minimum temperature to use the environment, the other is the maximum temperature that may occur in operation. High temperature grease should be selected when working temperature is higher. The actual maximum working temperature should be 10~20 degrees below the dropping point of the grease (the synthetic grease should be 20~30 degrees centigrade). The applicable temperature range for common grease is shown in the table below.
3. load case
For heavy load, the grease with smaller taper penetration should be selected. When working under high pressure, it requires higher oil film strength and extrusion performance besides requiring cone penetration.