Which special environment can be used for stainless steel bearings

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Which special environment can be used for stainless steel bearings
Stainless steel bearings can be used in underwater and humid conditions such as corrosion, usually used in food machinery, medical supplies, beverage processing lines, ships, outdoor appliances, chemical appliances, and other special places. Some super corrosive environment, such as electroplating, printing and dyeing, is used.
Stainless steel bearings are made of 9Cr18 (AISI440) corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings. Product series, stainless steel single row deep groove ball bearings, stainless steel ball bearings, stainless steel thrust ball bearings, etc., can be produced according to customer requirements of non - standard bearings.
The conventional stainless steel material is AISI440C (9Cr18). The material can reach the hardness HRC58-62 and can be grinding with high precision. The precision grade is the same as that of the ordinary bearing steel. The stability of corrosion resistance in high temperature state is superior to the ordinary bearing steel. The general working temperature is higher than that of the ordinary bearing steel by 100 degrees.
International standard configuration stainless steel bearing Description AISI440C (9Cr18) material made of bearing inner and outer ring and steel ball, AISI304 (0Cr19Ni9) material made of bearing holder and closed cover, rubber closed with AISI304 (0Cr19Ni9) material, inside the skeleton of the bread fine rubber.

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