Development process of Chinese bearing industry

Source:shengfe Date:2018-07-31 00:20

Development process of Chinese bearing industry
At present, China's economy continues to develop steadily and steadily, and the bearing industry is constantly overcoming various difficulties and grasping the domestic market. Relying on the development of major emerging industries, such as automobile, high speed rail, shipbuilding, advanced manufacturing, IT and electronic and electrical appliances, innovation and transformation have been taken as the key, unremitting adjustment of product structure and bearing bearing line The industry has achieved a steady rising trend.
China's exports of bearing products are the largest tonnage, but the added value is the lowest, so we must work hard on the added value of the technical content of export products. After several years of industrial transformation, restructuring and reorganization, the rapid development of foreign bearing industry has shocked it. At present, the environment of the development of the bearing industry of our country is undergoing profound changes, the deep-rooted contradiction of long-term accumulation has become increasingly prominent, and the extensive mode of growth is unsustainable, and it has entered a new stage which must promote the good and rapid development of industry with the transformation and upgrading. Transformation is to change the way of development, to drive innovation, endogenous growth, intensive and efficient, green low-carbon, domestic demand leading transformation. Upgrading is to comprehensively optimize the industry structure, organizational structure, technical structure, product structure, layout structure, and promote the overall optimization of industrial structure. Through the transformation and upgrading, the realization of the transformation from the traditional industrialization road to the new industrialization road is accelerated, and the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of the bearing industry in China are improved and the scientific development is realized.
The level, variety and production capacity of the bearings reflect the comprehensive national strength of the country's technology and economy. However, the revitalization of the bearing industry has a certain degree of difficulty for the bearing industry. According to the bearing factory store, the digital manufacturing technology needed to develop bearings is the core of advanced manufacturing and the key to realizing independent innovation. Therefore, for the whole industry, revitalizing the bearing industry is not only a strategic opportunity, but also a severe challenge.
From the present product structure of the bearing industry of our country, the large number or low technical content of the general bearing, and the labor capacity of our country is sufficient, it has its own advantages in the production of general bearings; and the bearing of high precision and high technical content as the key supporting of the main engine, whether it is the product type or the technical content There is no way to compare with some foreign enterprises for the time being. And China still needs a large number of imported high precision and high technology bearings, especially for some industries. This is also the direction of future research and development of bearings in China. In this regard, our country has also made a series of support policies, especially the research and development institutions of the bearing industry to encourage them to produce high - tech bearings with the introduction of advanced foreign equipment.
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