How to check the running quality of stainless steel bearings

Source:shengfe Date:2018-07-31 00:23

How to check the running quality of stainless steel bearings
First, the rotation of the bearing is examined by stethoscope and so on. It has strong metallic noise, abnormal sound and irregular sound. The reasons are poor lubrication, poor accuracy of shaft or bearing seat, bearing damage and foreign matter intrusion.
Second, bearing temperature can generally be deduced from the external temperature of the bearing housing. But it is more accurate to directly measure the temperature of bearing outer ring by using oil hole. The bearing temperature gradually increases from the operation, usually 1~2 hours after the temperature is stable. If the bearing is not installed properly, the temperature will rise sharply, and there will be an abnormal high temperature. The reasons are too many lubricants, too small bearing clearance, improper installation, and too much friction of the sealing device. High speed rotation, the bearing structure, the wrong choice of lubrication mode is also the reason.
Third, small machinery can be rotated by hand to confirm whether it is rotating smoothly. The inspection project has not smooth operation due to foreign body, scar and indentation. Because of the bad installation, the torque produced by the installation seat is not stable, and the torque is too large because of the small clearance, the installation error and the sealing friction. If there is no exception, it can start power operation.
Fourth, the large machinery can not rotate manually, so the power is cut off immediately after the no-load start, the mechanical empty, check whether there is vibration, noise, rotating parts have contact and so on, confirm no abnormal, enter the power operation.
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