What are the methods of greasing ceramic bearings

Source:shengfe Date:2018-07-31 00:33

What are the methods of greasing ceramic bearings
Most people do not know much about the cognition of ceramic bearings. Now, what are the methods of lubricating grease filling for ceramic bearings?
Ceramic bearing
The most easily worn parts in mechanical operation are ceramic bearings. Especially in continuous work, maintenance must be carried out to ensure the normal service life of the machine. After the new machinery is put into operation, the lubricating grease (oil) must be replaced after running for 100 hours, and will be replaced 1 times every 500 hours. Because the working strength of the ceramic bearing is much larger than the ordinary plane needle roller bearing, so the maintenance time must be strictly controlled. After every 1500 hours, the grease should be replaced. The amount of oil added should not be too much or too little, because the grease is too much or too little, which will cause the bearing fever. The volume of the ceramic bearing chamber is 1/2 to 2/3.
At the same time, because the working environment of the machinery is more complex and many water quality is turbid, it is necessary to do special protection to the part of ceramic bearing in order to prevent the impurities such as sand and other impurities into the inner of the bearing, and have an influence on the work of the machine.
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